about my "real birth story"

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i have fond my birth parents for just over 10years(cant believe time serious flys)

the frist version of my adoption story i got was :after my dilivery in a little dark house(not in hospital). my birth mom didnt want to see me or touch me, they throw me in a transh can for a couple hours till i cried too loud they have to pack me home and hide me till someone wants me.they passed me down to a few families till i get to my current family.

the second version was after i got my dilivery in a dark house , they kept me for 3days and there came a few visitors for adopting me. they were taxi drivers, famers,doctors ..... still i met my current grandma. adoption successed.

they say "we have video to prove"!

after years. they told me an other version. i was diliveried in a hospital.but called dead. so my birth parents dont have to pay a lot of money for a extro birth. at the same time my adoption family aready booked me before i was borned . so i was been transfer in the hospital underground.

last month. they said . i was bron in a little hospital. and be took home 2hours later. 14 hours later i met my current grandma. she came with one of her best friend. use 100yuan to exchanged me to the new home. they also said they have video to prove.

i never got a chance to see any video about the truth in ten years.

evertime i heard my birth story from my birth family i believe in deelpy.but everytime no body can repeat the same story they have told me before.

i start to understand. there is no true story except what makes them feel better to tell me.at the same time. the truth is not important to me anymore.

i am who i am

the past doesn't make any sense no matter what was the truth.

i want to use my 10years experenced story to tell my adoptee brothers and sisters . when u find yourself struggling with what had happend on your first dramma. dont make it too tough. the truth dosnt make any sense as u though it did. you r who u r and what you paln to be

from Cherry yan


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