my suggestion for searching

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as a adoptee who have fond my birth family and a Chinese who works with the group which use to dilivery adoptees to different county from China. my personal suggestion with my experence and the fact i know for surching is :it is somtimes better to make voice than do the real search.

make voice means trying to find a way in which the boilogical family can see how r u and what r u doing. if they also ready for searching they will pop up.

save ur searching energy on something more important. like to make you a better person. 

your effort will not let u down

how do we make vioce:

for example

we build a strong group in china to get attention. therefore we will have our own movie , own advertising, our own activities,our own fondation. we can make more sence by help eachother to be a better person and also feed back to the world.this way. we will our vioce

like blind people making voice in china by professional blind massage

adoptee can be professional on self build and help the world (since our life is full of love)in the future

when people talk about Chinese adoptee,they r not just thinking about one child policy but a group full of love and contributions.

thats when our both family r proud of us. they (birth family)will c us

they will pop out

if one day 

Chinese adoptee can be a sign of bright and positive . people will stat to talk about it. and we will have our voice


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