what i want to do for adoptees

发布时间:2017-07-04 15:03

I'm Cherry; 28 year old girl from Peoples Republic of China. My life wasn't too different than the other chinese girls until I was 18. What changed my life was the truth called "adoption".

From struggling within my own discovering experiences, I started to think about the status of adoptee children around the world. After connecting with adoptees from other countries and understanding their difficult situations I made up my mind to start this project.

I've been studying in institutions and organizations specialized for adoptees in The United States, Australia, Spain, and Netherland. Now I'm trying to convert these methods for an adoptee organization in China.

FCC (Families of Children from China) has invited me as a "big sister" for Chinese adoptees to exchange Chinese cultures in their workshops every year. My translated book "Adoption Healing", by Joe Soll, will be published by November 2017.

I've already started my social media WeChat page and website during the half of this year. It's been very helpful for over 20 adoptees to overcome difficult times in their life.The idea is to create an "adoptees community" in China where they can share their experiences, help each other, rebuild themselves, and offer psychological support to other adoptees and their families. 


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