A letter to my Chinese adoptee brothers and sisters who are

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Hi my sisters and brothers
My name is cherry. I am an adoptee .I am a Chinese. My Chinese name is yan menghui. I am you're a Chinese sister of our adoptee family.
I was born in 1989 August 3rd, and I was adopted by my current family when I was five days. Unfortunately I cannot prove it because I have no document about it.
my growing up journey 
of being with my adopted family 
Knowing I was adopted when I was 17 trying to find my birth family finally find them talk to my birth family proved the truth of  my story. 
Which is a story so complicated that I can probably write a novel about it.
And all my story I would love to show you With a couple of videos
in 1989 August 7th ,when I was five days, I was being adopted by my grandma.
The reason why my grandma come to adopt me , is because she want to give me to my two years married adopted parents as a gift, as well as to force them to stay together not thinking about divorce.
The first time I met my adopted mum as when I was seven days. mum doesn't like me at all because I would be the reason to stop her move on to be with the man she really loved.
Obviously I wasn't a nice gift for her.
Since both of my adopted parents were not ready to be apparents yet, my grandparents on my father side decide to take care of me until they're ready.
Then I was being passing to my grandparents family. In where I spend 90% of the time of my childhood.
I had my brother when I was four years old, which is the birth child of my adopted parents. Says then my adopted parents not thinking about divorce any more.
When I was 17 I find out I was adopted. Which answered a lot of questions of my growing up.
Why mum seldom let me sleep in the same bed with her
Why my parents seems never care about me that much like my brother?
Why they never price me?
Why are always be the one that be hitting very hard with little reason?
At the same time I understand the love from them, I have been told is that they're trying their best to try to give love to a child that they shouldn't have.


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