Looking For Children of "uncle Sun"

发布时间:2017-02-18 17:40

"Uncle Sun" has too much heat. He cannot keep his babies around so he must let them grow up in the human's world. Only this way can the babies have a better environment to grow up in. This way," Uncle Sun "cannot be with his babies during their childhood. So, he made a promise:
"My dearest children, please understand all things that I've done for you because I love you so much.
You will have everything there is like all other children in this world and grow up just like a regular baby.
But a different thing is that you will have one more love from me---"Uncle Sun"
As long as you living your life with appreciation, positivity, bravery, and laughter, I will protect you every minute. You will easily find out that you have a special ability you can feel when you are trying to help others.
Go, my children! Go live a wonderful life and go help others for me."
Then we are born.
Where are the children of "Uncle Sun"!
We have new mothers, fathers, and a new home. No one can tell what the difference is between us and other children. Sometimes, even we cannot notice our differences.
This is my story about "Uncle Sun".I honestly don't know where he comes from, what he looks like, or where he lives. I cannot remember when I did know about him. So, I made up this story since....... always.
I believe all the adoptees are the children of "Uncle Sun".
"Uncle Sun" grew up with me and I believe we  meet difficulties in life. But as long as I keep being appreciative,  brave, and as long as I say " Thank you Uncle Sun!"I will get a special help.
All the stories and thoughts were gathered before I knew I was adopted. The day that my life actually started with being abandoned and adopted made me strongly believe that I am a child of "Uncle Sun"!
From then on, I added more appreciation, bravery, and positivity in my life. With all of these together, I found a lot of brothers and sisters from "Uncle Sun". We talk with each other and support each other. We are not alone.
In this world there are more children from "Uncle Sun". They are hiding everywhere and their lives began with being abandoned ,orphan or adoption.
I wish to find all the children of "Uncle Sun "so we can talk to each other and give each other a big hug.
If you are also one of the children from "Uncle Sun", please come and find me. We can hold each other and create a wonderful life together.
If you know any children that are from "Uncle Sun", please let them know that their brothers and sisters are trying to find them. Let them know that only by holding appreciation, bravery, and positivity, they can get special help from "Uncle Sun"!
If you are the families of those children of "Uncle Sun", please show up and let me tell you that maybe sometimes "Uncle Sun's "children like to cry. They may be very sensitive and feel lonely or insecure. But we appreciate everything that you did for us. We know that because you created our wonderful lives.


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